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Client manager

TradeDoubler , Paris - CDI

Depuis le 02 avril 2009

Campaign Delivery is responsible for the delivery of campaigns. Included are assuring delivery of the requested amounts of impressions, clicks etc during the given time period as well as optimizing the campaigns towards the objectives. This requires an ability to deliver a high service level and to solve different kinds of technical issues.

Parcours officiels

EMLV – FCG – Axe E Business – 2008
EMLV – Commerce et Gestion – Axe Commerce Marketing – 2007


Anglais - Courant

Espagnol - Notions

Finnois - Notions


Experience from online marketing
Experience from online media planning and delivery
Experience from other ad serving and tracking solutions is meriting
Degree in Business
Marketing or similar is meriting
Communication and presentation skills
Fluency in English required