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Csr project manager

Société Générale

De Septembre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Within the Societe Generale Group, I integrate the IT Innovation, responsible for the technological innovation in whic CSR plays a major role.

As a CSR mission manager, my main task is to coordinate the CSR performance in order to achieve the objectives set out in our strategy . To do so, my main missions are:

Definition of the 2017 CSR strategy:
• Risk mapping and materiality analysis in order to define the main issues to be addressed: The considerable reduction of GHG emissions, the treatment of Electronic Waste (Circular Economy), innovation, and the contribution to societal development.
• Definition of a solid, credible and feasible strategy combining economic, social and environmental development and aligned with the Group's CSR strategy.

Dialogue with the 4 CSR correspondents:
• Co-definition of KPIs in order to set tangible targets and evaluate the impact of CSR actions.
• Monthly follow-up through regular and serious committees
• Maintaining a transparent, open and trusting dialogue with correspondents to foster collaboration

Innovation: I am responsible for researching, targeting and prospective partner startups. In this context we have launched projects concerning: circular economy, energy efficiency, virtualization, microdata, software eco-design, sectoral pooling of projects, car-pooling.

Provide grants for internal CSR projects: I contribute to the grant decision of the project by analyzing and quantifying the CSR benefit of the project.

ESG analysis in order to select projects for our internal Sustainable Energy Efficiency Award 2017 (EEA)

Sourcing: Together with the Responsible Sourcing department, I formalized the different levels of CSR criteria to integrate on the bidding process.

Internal communication: Through conferences, games and the animation of or internal website my aim is to raise awareness and train employees and Project Managers so that they can take CSR as a value creation lever in their IT projects.

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