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Asset Sagacity , Courbevoie

De Juin 2014 à Aujourd'hui

European head of investment custom solutions

Allianz Global Investors , Paris - CDI

De Janvier 2012 à Décembre 2014

The Investment Custom Solutions team is a part of the "IT - Investment Application Management" department.

The team is composed of 12 persons based both in Paris (France) and in Frankfurt, (Germany).
Our goal is to accompany European* Investment profesionnals with custom applications that fullfill expectations not possible to address with traded software such as Bloomberg AIM and so on...

The scope of our interventions is quite large from Trading to Investment/Market Risk but our main purpose is the Investment Decision Support to Portfolio-Managers.
(*Europe = France, Germany, Italy, UK, Switzerland, and Netherlands)

Head of alternative asset management it domain

Allianz Global Investors , Paris - CDI

De Janvier 2009 à Décembre 2010

Allianz Alternative Asset Management (Aaam) was the funds of hedged-funds asset management company of the Allianz Group.

From 2007 to 2010, Allianz Global Investors provided IT services to Aaam (Infrastructure, Workstations and Development). In this context I was a kind of "IT Account-Manager" for Aaam until Allianz sold this subsidiary to Nexar Capital in December 2010.
I was also the manager of a 5 people Agile Java Team and I was responsible for monitoring all their IT projects (funds of hedge-funds)

Head of front-office & market-risk applications management

Allianz Global Investors , Paris - CDI

De Janvier 2007 à Janvier 2012

+ Management
** Team Management (18 people + 5 java developers dedicated to AAam from 2009 to 2011)
** Budget Management (1,85 M€/Year)
** Project Director / Project Manager

+ Responsible for Front-Office & Risk-Management Applications (4 Business Analysts + 6 Java Developpers)

+ Responsible for Tactical Solutions (3 Microsoft Analyst-Developers VB/VBA/.Net)

+ Responsible of the Global Investment Management Warehouse (5 Analyst-Developers - SQL/Sybase)

Team leader & business analyst

AGF Asset Management , Paris - CDI

De Janvier 2005 à Décembre 2007

* Responsable opérationnel des outils Front-Office Taux, Crédit

* MOA du Front Office pour les desks Taux, Crédit et Action

* Coaching de l'équipe dédiée au Front-Office

* Création de l'activité Front Office à l'IT

Formation complémentaire

Executive Master Management Commercial

Université Paris Dauphine - Management Commercial

2014 à 2015


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Membre - Professeur de Guitare

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ESILV – ESILV – Génie Informatique – 2004